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Liccardi Lincoln Makes it a Cinch to Find Used One-Owner Cars for Sale Near Watchung

In recent years, a rising number of visitors to Liccardi Lincoln came in search of used cars that had only one previous owner. What's the appeal? Better still, how do you locate such a vehicle without doing the actual legwork? Used one-owner cars have a list of noteworthy benefits. Finding them is easier than ever, thanks to CARFAX. We compiled an overview and key points on the subject.

What's the Appeal of a Used CARFAX One-Owner Car?

Simply put, a used late-model car with only one prior owner is that much closer to a brand new car. Often, such cars retain the 'new' smell, appearance, and feel of a ride driven straight off our lot near Edison, NJ. Buying a used car with only one prior owner is quite comforting to the sensibilities. On the whole, we're hardwired to appreciate novelty, including gently used items that are all but new in name.

It's also a fact that younger vehicles with only one previous owner have yet to show their age or any wear and tear. Everything from the exterior paint, badging, and wheels to the interior upholstery and technology features are on-trend, with current and even newer models yet to be released. This is especially true with makes and models that undergo minor updates from year to year.

Benefits of a Used CARFAX One-Owner Car

A younger car with one prior owner has less maintenance or service history. Having driven fewer miles, recorded service and maintenance history is shorter, clearer, and more intact. It's also easier to obtain. You only have to ask the previous owner for any of their records, or you can consult the dealership that performed the service.

Once the same vehicle goes from owner to owner, spending more time on roads throughout Bridgewater, NJ, its maintenance and repair records can get longer, more complicated, and harder for subsequent owners to locate. This scenario takes twists and turns of all kinds depending on the driving and maintenance habits of the vehicle's many prior owners.

Driving habits and maintenance habits differ between people. A used car with a list of previous owners is potentially a used car that's survived who knows what kinds of drivers, damage and maintenance. Purchasing a used CARFAX one-owner car eliminates many of these worries.

Used CARFAX One-Owner Cars are Highly Transparent

Used car sales can sometimes entail vehicles with unexposed underlying issues, whatever they may be. Some people sell their cars to get rid of a vehicle with problems, but they fail to disclose the problems in order to preserve their car's resell value. It would be wonderful if every owner disclosed such problems at the time of sale.

This doesn't always happen. Once the car gets sold to the next owner without knowing underlying problems, those problems merely fester. Fortunately, this is never an issue when buying a used CARFAX one-owner car.

Each used car listed on CARFAX comes with a complete, up-to-date CARFAX Vehicle History Report. The report corresponds to each vehicle's unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). As a result, the Vehicle History Report provides a fleshed-out snapshot of that particular vehicle's past, including

  • The number of previous owners (though not any names)
  • Any branding: rebuilt, salvaged, lemon
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recalls and resolutions
  • History of crashes and damage sustained
  • Reported maintenance, service

Most recent reported odometer reading

Using CARFAX to Find Used One-Owner Cars for Sale Around Piscataway

To locate used CARFAX one-owner cars at Liccardi Lincoln, find the "Show Mw the CARFAX" icon on the model you love. Then browse through the information to learn even more. Come see why our CARFAX One-Owner cars are such a great value for you.

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