When to Replace & How-To Diagnose Problems with Your Battery

If you know anything about cars, then you know how important your vehicle's battery is. Although the engine is the main driving component that powers your vehicle forward, you're not going anywhere unless your battery is working properly. Your vehicle needs electricity to run, and most car batteries provide up to 14 volts of electric power to the system. That being said, it's very important to look after and care for your battery as the seasons change in Watchung, NJ.

What Happens if My Car Battery Dies?

The first step is to remain calm. Everyone's battery dies at some point, and its more common than you think. There are a variety of factors that can contribute to your battery dying, so our best piece of advice is to remain calm and go through your battery diagnostic checklist.

  • Does the engine crank/turn over?
  • Are your battery connections tight and secure?
  • Is your battery completely dead or does it need to be recharged?

All of these questions, and more, should be addressed the moment you come across a dead car battery. Afterward, you'll most likely need a jump start to get your engine moving again. It's important to keep a good set of jumper cables in your trunk at all times. The thickness of the jumper cable wires indicates how strong a current they can hold - the thicker the wire, the more power can flow through the cables. Be sure to invest in strong gauge wires that won't fail you when you need them most.

Winter/Cold Battery Care

Winter is here, and that means it's time to bundle up for the cold weather. The same way you would prepare your body for going out into the cold, the same preparation is needed to maintain your battery's lifespan. It all starts with buying the right equipment. If your current battery is old and outdated, it's important to replace it with a certified product. Opting for the cheap battery will surely come back to haunt you, as affordability is no match for the frigid winters to come.

Make sure your battery terminals are connected tightly and that your battery can hold a sufficient charge. In extreme winter weather conditions, your battery might fail because of a bad cell or because the temps are too low. In the event of an emergency, you can physically uninstall your battery and place it inside to where it's a little warmer. This is an extreme case, but it's helpful to know if you're ever faced with a frozen battery.

Summer/Heat Battery Care

Beating the heat in the summer is a tough task as the sweltering sun can put a significant drain on your battery's power. While inspecting your battery, check for any loose connections or cracks to the battery housing. Sometimes excessive heat can cause plastic components to crack and metal hardware to fail. Some tips to help manage your battery during the summer when it's hot include:

  • Parking in the shade
  • Regularly inspecting your battery
  • Cleaning terminals of any corrosion

How Do I Dispose of My Old Battery?

Old or dead car batteries must be recycled and NOT thrown away into the garbage. Please contact your local repair shop or the experts at Liccardi Lincoln to learn more about properly disposing of a dead battery. Depending on how often you drive, new batteries will usually last between three and five years. If you have a battery that keeps dying as you install new ones, you may have trouble with your alternator, a blown fuse, or in some cases, parasitic draw.

Schedule a Battery Diagnostic at Liccardi Lincoln

Instead of flying into the battle solo, we encourage drivers to utilize our team of certified battery experts to help diagnose your battery needs. We've got the proper tools, technology, and insight to help troubleshoot your battery and ensure you get new replacement parts that are certified to last you. For more information and to schedule a service appointment, please call or contact us online at Liccardi Lincoln today!

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