Buying Certified is a great way to secure a quality vehicle at an attractive price. Here's what you need to know about Lincoln's Certified Pre-Owned program.

Lincoln's Certified Pre-Owned Standards:

  • A model with the Certified Pre-Owned Lincoln label must be from a recent model year
  • The vehicle cannot exceed 60,000 miles when you read the odometer
  • It cannot have gone through major accidents, have flood or fire damage, or have frame issues

It also must go through a 200-point inspection that checks every bit of the model. For reference, many competing brands have multi-point inspections that are around 130- to 170 points, making the Lincoln brand's more exhaustive.

Benefits: Extended Warranties

Because of its high quality, a Certified Pre-Owned Lincoln model is going to cost more than a used Lincoln model that didn't meet the CPO guidelines, but you'll still spend less than you would with a new model. You'll also have peace of mind knowing how thoroughly the Lincoln vehicle you want was reviewed. Another benefit that helps calm any nerves is that you'll receive a few extended warranties and coverage on many parts and services.

  • New Vehicle Limited Warranty: six years from original start date or up to 100,000-miles (whichever comes first)
  • Comprehensive Limited Coverage: this covers over 1,000 components. Examples include FWD/RWD systems, brakes, emissions, and safety systems
  • Extended Coverage Service Package: PremiumCare coverage up to 9 years or 125,000 miles (whichever comes first) and a vehicle scheduled maintenance plan
  • If you choose to sell your Certified Pre-Owned Lincoln model, what's left of the Lincoln comprehensive warranty coverage transfers to the new owner, and this increases any potential resale value.

Benefits: Roadside Assistance

Accidents happen, and with a Certified Pre-Owned Lincoln you'll get 24/7 roadside assistance, which is the same as what you'd receive when purchasing a new model. Roadside assistance covers flat tire changes, jump starts for a dead battery, lockout assistance, and some towing costs. You can get service in all 50 States and even up to Canada, so don't worry if you move away or have issues when you're taking a road trip to visit the grandkids or in-laws.

For more information on the Lincoln Certified Pre-Owned Program and all its benefits, stop int our dealership this week!

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