When you buy or lease a Lincoln SUV or sedan you get more than just a beautiful, all-American luxury vehicle to bring back to your home. You also get access to Lincoln ownership benefits that go above and beyond what you'll get with non-luxury nameplates. Here are the benefits you can get excited about!

Concierge Services

Whether you need a solution to what might be going on with your Lincoln Navigator or need roadside assistance because your Lincoln Continental ran over glass on your way to visit family, Lincoln's 24/7 concierge is there to assist with any questions you have. You'll love their fast, professional, and caring service.

Pickup & Delivery

We know many of our Lincoln owners are very busy and needing to come in for an oil change or tire rotation can put a wrench (pun intended) in your afternoon meetings with important investors or clients. With Lincoln's pickup and delivery program you can schedule an appointment and we'll pick up your vehicle and return it washed and serviced. If necessary, we can offer you a loaner vehicle.

The Lincoln Way™

Being able to connect with your vehicle via your smartphone is important for today's tech-savvy shoppers, and with the Lincoln Way™ app you can do so much! You can use the app to reach out to the aforementioned concierge and pickup & delivery services. If you have a Lincoln model that's equipped with Lincoln Connect™ you can remotely start your vehicle, get it to the right temperature, and even turn the cabin into a WIFI hot spot!

If you're ready for a vehicle ownership experience that brings extra luxury and pampering to your life, going with the Lincoln brand is a smart idea. Start the process by coming into our dealership and test driving one of our new Lincoln models today!

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